Our history

EYM Trio orchestrates the perfect balance between unconventional rhythms and melodious harmony in their music. Playfulness and sensitivity characterize the subtle, yet exciting sound in their compositions.

Formed in France in 2010, EYM Trio is the union of the pianist Elie Dufour, the double bassist Yann Phayphet and drummer Marc Michel. In a short time, they created a strong repertoire including personal compositions, covers and creations inspired by ethnic influences of Jazz with colors from North Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, and India.

In character and creation, EYM Trio imbibes the rhythmic influences of Jazz masters throughout history; the genius of the historic jazz figures deeply inspires them. There is great intentional diversity in their compositions and improvisations, thus making their music aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

2010 : Starting of the band, experimentations, connexion. Musical identity growing up.

2011: Thanks to the support of masters in France, they performed together for the first time on the stage of the Amphitheater of “Opera of Lyon” and for the festival “Un doua de Jazz”.

2012: They keep going and start touring. They are finalist of the competitions of : “Jazz(s)ra”, “Golden Jazz Trophy” (award), “Jazz à Oloron”, “Jazz à Vannes” (award) and Bucharest international jazz Competition. Playing then at the “Festival Moz’Aïque” (le Havre), “Jazz à Vienne”, “Festival de jazz de Grenoble”, “Jazz en Scène” (Marseille)…

In 2013 they recorded their first album “Genesi” in Italy, thanks to the collaboration between EYM and the french city of Le Havre (they felt in love with the band after a show given for Moz’Aïque festival). This is the beginning of live shows out of France. They are also asked for performing at the “Saint-Fons jazz festival”, “Altitude jazz festival”, “Magic Mirrors”, “Crescent Jazz Club”, “Fort en Jazz”… This year, they were finalists of the famous competition called “Rézzo Focal Jazz à Vienne”. Unfortunately, Elie Dufour broke his left arm just before…

In 2014, they gave a lot of shows in Europe, presenting the disk “Genesi”. They kept touring in France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain. They sold more than 1.500 disks around the world, distributed in Japan by “Disk Union” (Tokyo). This year, EYM started an italian booking collaboration with “UpMusic agency” (Venice) directed by Michela Parolin. They are asked for play again on festival “Fort en jazz”, “Jazz sous les châtaigniers”, “Le nuove rotte del jazz”, “Cave à Jazz”…

2015 was a glorious time for the band. They were finalists and they won three famous jazz competitions : “Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-près” (Paris), “La défense” national jazz competition (Paris), “Getxo jazz international contest” (Spain) where they also supported act of Stanley Clarke.

EYM began this year performing in UK at the “Royal Academy of Music” in London. For the first time they were invited for a live show streamed by the french national radio “France Musique”. They streamed the complete concert played at “Upercut Jazz club” in Marseille.

2016 is the moment for a new disk… The band taked weeks of rehearsal at “la maison des artistes”, club created by André Manoukian, in the mountains of Chamonix. They composed the new disk “Khamsin” (available on november 2016). On that disk, they invited them great friends : the oud’s player Mohamed Abozekry, and the accordionist Marian Badoï, to share some tunes. They recorded the disk at the famous “Studio de Meudon” (Paris). They also started working with “Kollision Prod” french agency, directed by Julien Arnaud.

They are asked for playing on the festival Jazz à “Saint-Germain-des-près”, show diffused on the national radio “FIP”. They received an award at the Sunset-Sunside trophies. They played also the same year for venues like “La défense Jazz festival”, “Jazz en Tourraine”, “Jazz & Wine” (Padova, Italy), “Espace Robert Doisneau”, “Carré Bellefeuille”, “Théâtre 71”, “Maison Daniel Fery”, “Sunside” “Rhino Jazz(s) Festival”…

They performed out of Europe for the first time, and left France for seven gigs in India. Shows in (Trivandrum, Chennai, Bangalore, Goa, Pune, Ahmedabad & New Delhi). This was a trip full of exchanges and sharing. EYM Trio felt in love with Indian musical culture. They worked on a fusion project in Ahmedabad with indian dancers and Musicians. A great success wich will be continued.

So many new colors in the EYM sound this year… Expected in a third disk soon ?