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“Genesi” by Tomotala HANE

This album, which conception turns out very strong because of a fine attention on the art of arrangement as on the choice of the pieces is, without any doubt, a masterful album.

Nowadays, it is not so difficult to discover trios with talented pianists who satisfy conditions such as virtuosity of technique, performance, melancholic and exciting pieces … Conditions which the jazz lovers require from them. However, the disks of which the artistic conception is vague, anybody will remember them, a few years later, even those who listened to them? How many times I experienced a feeling of frustration by listening disks which the choice of pieces is without any originality and the art of arrangement is so common, as a picture showing a simple gathering of people or still as a simple draw ? This is exactly for that reason that the perfection of this album amazed me. Furthermore, it is the very first disk of that still almost unknown French young people! They know perfectly what “creating an album ” means nowadays.

Elie Dufour, pianist, Yann Phayphet double bassist and Marc Michel drummer: these three young talents met at the Academy of Lyon; since then, after numerous intensive rehearsals, was born the entitled group “EYM trio”, name made up of the first letter of each of their first name. They appear on the stage for the first time in the amphitheater of the Opera of Lyon in 2011. Their memorable first album Genesi (Genesis in Italian) was recorded in 2013. On one side, we can recognize in their style the influences of Brad Mehldau, Avishaï Cohen, E. S T…. And on the other one, there are really impressive bubbling rhythms as melodies full of melancholy, where we feel reflections of Bulgarian traditional music.

What is remarkable, is that the old musical tradition, Radiohead (modern UK) and a standard of Duke Ellington coexist in parallel without any conflict, as if all this was made by one and only man. And it shows the strong personality of the interpreters, who knows how to master their pieces and who excel in the production, in particular with the arrangement. The first piece “Bulgarian Bulge ” is a Bulgarian traditional music known by the performance of the Don Ellis orchestra, and qualified as “pervert” because of its excessive and subtle technicality.

With alive touches and current speed, our young musicians resuscitate magnificently, in a trio with very modern piano, the original version in which participated the famous Bulgarian pianist Mario Stantchev. The second piece ” Grand Pas “, original piece created by Elie Dufour, is a sublime theme with a fascinating melody and furious speed. From its listening, can we resist to the desire to go immediately to the cash register? It will leave a powerful imprint on those who listen to it. The third piece ” Paranoid Android ” is, as everybody knows, a famous piece of Radiohead. The jazz arrangement by Brad Mehldau remains famous. Included in his albums “Largo” and ” Live in Tokyo “, it is the major theme he plays often on stage.

EYM, while inheriting from him the sensation to move away abruptly of sad tunes, preserves a pop attitude, what is a proof of good taste. It is what gave an original color to the fourth piece, ” In a Sentimental Mood “, a theme of Ellington, settled by the famous Bulgarian pianist Mario Stantchev, the art director of the trio in its early stages. In the following piece, “Gankino Horo”, our musicians also play in an explosive and intense way with a wild rhythm which gives dizziness. However, it is not only about the explosion of an ethnic identity, but also about the good taste comparable to that of Quentin Tarantino using the “misirlou” in his movie ” Pulp Fiction “.

Finally, one more charm: this wonderful recording was realized by the famous Italian technician, Stefano Amerio (Studio Artesuono – Udine). Our interpreters benefited at the same time of a big piano FAZIOLI F278 and of a magician of the recording.

So, Genesi also shines thanks to a recording of a surprising quality. How can we do otherwise than qualify it of a masterful album?

Tomotala HANE